3 Tips on How to Spin a Resume


It’s around that time of year where college students start freaking out about summer jobs. So listen close. Resume…Resume…Resume… and oh and did I mention RESUME. I know all your businesses professors are constantly on you about making and maintaining a resume, but it is true. Trust me. Having a resume is the first step in this process. Without this you can’t apply to the dang job. Once you have your first draft of your resume done its time for the next step.

Spin that!

What do I mean by spin that? Well, now that you have your working resume in place we can take a better look at it. That sucker needs to be proofread like crazy. Get your friends to read it, get your professor to read it, I mean dang get your dog read it. Then you can start to spin it. Now let me know show you. So we have Timmy here that is applying for jobs and he worked for a grocery store. Timmy currently has this as his first job experience resume.

Resume Example:


Joe Shmoe’s Groceries

  • Work full weeks
  • Ran cash register
  • bag items

blue arrow 3

Improved Version:


Joe Shmoe’s Groceries

  • Weighed items for customers
  • Assisted new staff members
  • Maintained knowledge of store inventory and sales activities
  • Bagged, boxed and wrapped purchased items
  • Counted money at the beginning and end of each shift
  • 40 hours weekly


Let’s look at what Timmy’s resume could look like. Now we switch cashier to clerk… It is not lying its a more professional name. You have to get as specific as you can. So worked full weeks then changes to 40 hours weekly. Ran cash register then changes to maintained knowledge of store inventory and sales activities. Bagged items then changes to bagged, boxed and wrapped purchased items. Be aware of the present and past tenses as well. Once you have completed the job you must change the description to past tense. Shoutout to Joe Shmoe’s hot dogs … didn’t even know that was a real place.




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